Our film studio is ready to offer the following options for cooperation:
Acquisition of a license for the right to use the characters of the series "Beeography" to produce a wide range of products.
A useful children's delicacy is doubly tasty if it depicts fairy-tale characters. The characters beloved by the Russian audience have already decorated the packaging of children's dragees based on Beeography products: "Extra-Lor milk", "O-De-Vit milk", "Milk bread" (manufacturer LLC "Tentorium").
Stationery is necessary for every child. To study on "excellent" and develop creativity will help bright notebooks, colored pencils, lesson schedules, rulers, diaries, coloring pages.
Beeography’s Merch will lift the spirits of children and adults alike. Juicy colors, memorable cartoon replicas, nice fabric, cool design - kids are sure to be happy!
Acquisition of a license for the right to broadcast the animated series "Beeography" on regional and international channels, Internet platforms and online movie theaters
Distribution in the part of cartoon series promotion services
Co-production (joint management, joint ownership of the rights to the film) in terms of services to promote the animated series
Beeography" is first and foremost an educational story that helps expand the mind. Board games under the cartoon series brand give you the opportunity not just to watch, but to become a participant in the adventure and learn something new together with your favorite characters.
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