About film studio
The founders of RG Bros Studio are brothers Rail and Rinat Khismatullin.
Activity of the company
The main goal of the company is the production of animated, feature films and TV series. Additional activities are the production of commercials and documentaries. Officially, RG Bros Studio started in 2013. Documentaries "The World's Best Mother", "Brother" and a collection of songs called "It's a Shame to Live a boring life" are being produced.
In the same year, 2013, the company began production of the animated series "Beeography". Initially, the project is planned to be commercial and advertising, to help Raily Khismatullin's main business. Since 2016, the concept of the cartoon changes dramatically. The management of the company decided to shoot an adventure-educational, musical cartoon series for children aged 4-8 years "Beeography. A Winged Adventure ".
Due to the well-organized work of the RG Bros Studio team of professionals, which includes dozens of specialists from various specialties, in 2017 the animated series " Beeography" won the category "Best Animated Film" at the international film festival "Golden Applause".
In 2018, at the “Silk Way” International Art Festival, the animated series "Beeography" is shortlisted for the “Xinguang Award China 2018” in China.
International Exhibitions
In the same year, the general producer of film studio "RG Bros Studio" Rail Hismatullin took part in the international film market in France, in the city of Annecy.
Every year, the film studio "RG Bros Studio" takes part in the international film markets "World Content Market", exhibitions "Kids Russia", art festivals and many Russian media events, because of which numerous license agreements have been concluded with TV channels, online cinemas, Internet sites.
Since 2018, RG Bros Studio has been an active member of the Animated Film Association.
In 2019 the company participated in the international film, animation, and music video exhibition "Japan Content Showcase" in Japan with its "Beeography" project.
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